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About Us

Let all be happy and free from disease;
Let all see good things in life;
Let no one suffer.

Hello friends, It is very nice of you to visit.
Charity thoughts
Let us continue our work for charitable organizations that need our assistance to continue their work. These organizations help hundreds of humans in their day-to-day life. Here are couple of charitable organizations that we support.
Let us give something back to the society. We, the privileged, healthy and able people, can do a little bit in helping the under-privileged, challenged and disabled, to go through life in a good & decent way, if not a fun-filled manner.

Our interests are :

South Indian Classical Music

Charitable Trusts in Tamilnadu  


Fractals Screen Saver

Humour collections


Our Philosophy
We feel all ideas, creations & discoveries belong to God. We do not expect anyone to accept this & we respect individual viewpoints. Any / all information in this collection of Web pages have been placed here for free access to all, with no intention of copyright violations. If anyone feels we should not be using some material, in these pages, because it violates any rule / law in any country in the world, then please email us immediately. We will rectify the page(s) in order to stop such violations, as soon as possible.
About Us
We are software professionals with varied experience on Mainframe and PC software & applications and a good knowledge of many languages and tools.
Our Interests
Like the millions of people in this world, we like music, especially South Indian Classical music. We like traveling and photography. Movies in theatres and sports on TV are the other activities in our leisure.
Your feedback is very valuable to us. Kindly email us your comments, criticisms, suggestions and questions.

Have fun.