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Friday, 19 August 2011

10 of 29 - Poosam (Pusya)

8.                 Is “Astrology” a science?

Answer: Yes, “astrology” is a science in the hands of the expert / master astrologer.  At the same time, in the hands of a half-baked practitioner, there can be incorrect calculations / predictions.

A knife is a useful instrument in the kitchen, but if you are not careful it can cut your own hands.  An expert will be able to use Astrology very efficiently and at the same time correctly.  If an amateur tries to handle it at same speed there can be mistakes and problems.

Please also note that “Science” itself is approximation based on our observations! All through life of science the equations have been "fit" to the data. Not much has been derived from "first principles". What is the first principle?

Hence, Astrology is a science and fits within parameters of how science is and has been.

(10 of 29 - Poosam / Pusya)

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