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Sunday, 28 August 2011

But the Neo Temples...

With the views of temples in the previous post, a natural question that arises is what do I think of the new age temples. What are these new age temples?

Well, for one, temples where the garba griha is more like a stage of a play / music performance - flood lit or enough light that the idol is easily visible from 100s of metres from the temple.

Another is that fully air-conditioned sanctum sanctorum are seen more often - no longer conforming to "garba" conditions (warmth of the womb). I wonder - shouldn't a little sweat not be good for us?

Deepa Aradhanai now performed from well outside the inner sanctum-sanctorum - now that the idol is well lit, the deepa aradhanai has become like a useless ritual. The priests also do it with as much involvement as reading newspaper while drinking coffee.

So, now there is no search for God within or outside. He is presented on a platter for a fee. And you will be as cool as a cucumber while going through all this.

Finally, the attention given to the devotee is dependent on the money that is placed on the deepa plate. One may call it "human nature" of the priest, but I would rather the priest show equal respect to everyone. And I hope the priests and administrators put the money to good use in the temple upkeep and the necessary requirements to retain the energy centre that the temples are for us all.

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  1. It is actually, "reading newspapers, sipping tea while watching Television News too"