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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

7 of 29 - Mrugaseerisham

5.                 How do you say result is the same?

Answer: Our Astronomical calculations using Earth centered observations have been as accurate as the scientific calculations by computers. That is proof enough. Eclipses are calculated accurately using the chaya gruhas Rahu and Ketu. This is different from the problems faced by astronomers of the west when they initially adopted geocentric theory.

When the astronomers of the west from BC to 1500 AD had calculations based on “geocentric” theory, the astronomers of later years found it had errors.  Then they came up with heliocentric theory.  In our systems the actual observations & data have always been based on “over thousands of years” (probably more)!  The equations were from the beginning pretty complex & were always “with reference to earth” – and not “with absolute reference”!

Hence, the result of such complex calculations with earth as frame of reference is correct even though the solar system moves in Heliocentric orbit control.
(7 of 29 - Mrugaseerisham)


  1. My opinion is that the astrological calculations are not even Earth centered... but 'person' centered... therefore it is only logical that the calculations are made from the 'person in the center' the effect of earth itself is ignored as we are part of this earth.

  2. I do not entirely agree with that logic. The calculations of position of planets, moon, sun, etc., are related to a position on earth. The person moves around, but only the birth place is used. More in blog 30 of 29 later... :) :)

  3. Taking the logic of Science, if a person moves from one place to another, the calculations should be done afresh at each new place and would be applicable for the duration of his stay there and the radial distance from the centre of the earth will also have its part, which however can be accepted to be a constant if the earth can be considered to be round, though it is not so and also its distance from the sun which however can be considered a constant.
    What if some one is born in South Australia and the stars there are different from that at the north and he settles for a good length of time in say Northern Canada.Well, I know what the stars may foretell for my such tangent observation.

  4. The relative position of planets do not change at all because of the tremendous distances. For example it takes nearly 1 year for Jupiter to transit 1 house. If a person moves from Australia to Canada, the position of Jupiter with respect to Zodiac does not change. The "slight" difference in angles and aspects does affect the individual, but then we will address this later... after 29... :)