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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

4 of 29 - Bharani

2.                 Why do we include “Moon” and “Sun” as "gruhams"?

Answer: The Moon and Sun are very close to us.  They are very heavy objects.  Hence they are directly affecting us in a “significant” manner.

Even in life, “father” and “mother” are very close to us and “influential” beings.  We are molded by their behaviour, values, day-to-day moods, etc.  They affect us (let us say in Chennai) more than, say a Kolkata clerk’s actions.  Similarly, the heavier objects and objects in proximity have a higher effect on us.

Newton's law of Gravity is one simple example of the effect of objects on us. And as per that law, the Sun and Moon have a much bigger effect than Mercury or Venus.

(4 of 29 - Bharani)

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