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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Samples of the non-stop Tirade

An elderly invited speaker, who does not believe in astrology, asked a simple question "Why the Sun and the Moon are included as planets, when we all know that they are not planets." Then he did not allow the other invited astrologer to respond. He kept asking "Why are they planets? They are not planets."

In another episode about astrology there came a young doctor who went on a sequence of negative statements, which were very forceful and without gaps for any retorts. His arguments were:
(a) Sun and Moon are not planets, but they are taken in astrology - that is the first lie.
(b) Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are planets but are not taken into consideration - this is second lie.
(c) The child is conceived long before birth, but we use the time of birth - this is a third lie.
(d) The operation theater clock may be wrong. Hence the time of birth is a fourth lie.
(e) If there is complication, then doctors and nurses may note the time much later, this is a fifth lie with respect to time of birth.
(f) Earth is a planet - it is not even taken into consideration - this is a sixth lie.
(g) People are not able to predict the future with more than 50% accuracy - this is seventh lie.

We will address these and more questions over the next 27 posts, which will be artificially named after the 27 stars of astrology.

We will start with basic terminology - what is "Gruham", etc., which is itself not understood properly. Enough of a teaser for now.... more tomorrow.

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