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Monday, 22 August 2011

22 of 29 - Pooradam (Purva Ashada)

20.                 Since the time a baby is conceived there are events happening.  Why are they not taken into account upto time of birth?

Answer: This is a good point to think about.  When the baby is tiny, the items that affect the baby the most are the food, chemicals that are around it.  Hence, we have the view that the mother should have good thoughts & good food.  If the mother has tension / depression during pregnancy, then baby is going to get some chemicals that are going to give a different effect during those growth stages.  Now, that is why the “mother’s” horoscope “affects the child”!  If the mother is going through tough period in pregnancy, it does show in the growth, development, genes, organs and limbs of the child.

Then why is not the “sun” and “moon” at time of conceiving not considered.  The effects of the sun and moon are less compared to the two huge bodies within which the two parts join to get conceived.  The mother’s womb protects the child from sun, rain, cloud, heat, cold, bacteria, virus, whatever!  Hence there is no change to affect it, in my opinion!

(22 of 29 - Pooradam / Purva Ashada)


  1. Argument 1: One thing about astrology we have to understand is it is a science that like any other branch is born out of observation. Meaning, observing thousands of individuals and noting their character and events that occur at various times of their lives, and seeing planetary positions at the time of those events, 'calculated from their time of birth', and their correlations, various predictions are made. So astrology itself is a science which has the time of birth as the reference point.
    Argument 2: There is nothing wrong in noting time of conception and developing a science that would infer from the planetary positions - but astrology is not that. And ofcourse, time of conception is almost impossible to note.
    Argument 3: The time of conception itself is immaterial as the planetary positions would anyway have been the same retrospectively. Say if Saniswar crosses the person's 3rd house at the age of 4, irrespective of the horoscope base of either the time of conception or the time of birth, it will cross the 3rd house at the age of 4. So what difference does it make???
    Argument 4: Continuing from argument 1, The houses, and the lagnam are observed to have influence on various aspects of life based on time of birth. If it has to be retrospectively corrected, it will only move the chart and house aspects by 10 months the so called new science of time of conception will just be a cyclical reordering of the houses and aspects. but the influence is governed by present time which is a constant.

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