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Sunday, 21 August 2011

20 of 29 - Kettai (Jyesta)

18.                 Can we control destiny just by birth date & time – by Caesarean section at particular time?

Answer: This is difficult to answer.  I will try to give the generalities and hope everyone can work it out from these points.

First we are already a small individual in the magnitude of universe, whose “specific events” cannot be predicted (see uncertainty principle).  If we can predict that, then world becomes “deterministic” – no free will!

Second fact is that any “self-referencing” system has a problem (see Godel’s theorem or related points).  The question is, if astrology is a valid system which is fairly accurate, then can it include the fact that astrology will be used to “change the happenings” based on a study of astrology. 

Then, if for a moment a “blind spot” is created in the astrologer, he makes wrong calculations / predictions, which leads to a different outcome – which may have been the “correct destiny” (actual destiny of the child)! This is later confirmed by a different astrologer on reworking the correct horoscope.

It is also possible that one person is told, due to astrology, that he is expecting a certain problem, which makes the person plan well accordingly.  The person reduces / avoids the problem.  Now, this could be construed as a failure of astrology itself.  It is also possible that other aspects point to a longevity in that activity – which in itself says that “finally successfully tackling."

Another usual occurrence is that the person worries about the problem, works hard and solves it – hence the worries & headaches were the negative & not the “end result”.

(20 of 29 - Kettai / Jyesta)


  1. There is also the story of Mandhi. Which many astrologers use in their calculations. Mandhi is Saneeshwarans Son. It is said that when Indrajit was about to be born of Mandhodhari. Ravan, captured all the 9 planets and made them stand in all favourable aspects - so as to ensure that Indrajit will be immortal and all powerful. But at the very moment indrajit was born, Mandhi a playful kid ran into the delivery room and saw Indrajit, hence, though he had the valour to even win over Indra, had to meet his death at the hands of Rama. What can you foresee? that is the question.

  2. This is the mythological aspect... As mentioned before, we have approximations in Astrology too. We don't take into effect the asteroid belt, outer planets, etc. These are small approximations and usually does not affect predictions by much - again, as mentioned before - compared to "neglecting high powers of series" in an earlier post.