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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tirade against Astrology on Vijay TV few months ago

I witnessed this programme from Vijay TV on "Neeya Naana" (You or Me). In this the skeptics took on a tirade against astrology & did not allow the other side to give their points. There was so much ignorance in their statements & their supposed points of Astrology's fallacies.

Though the astrologer who was brought on program predicted lot of things accurately about past life (including divorce), I would like to address the half baked arguments of some, including learned doctors and social activists. Of course, mine is also half-researched, but based on some simple learning from old relatives, friends, seniors and others.

This is going to be addressed in the form of 27 questions (coincidental to the 27 stars in our astrology) and answers to the same over the coming days.

In the next post, I will first give a glimpse of the tirade... also I would like to iterate that I believe astrology when it is done right... I believe Astrology is a science in all aspects (will be addressed too in the Q&A format posts).... Signing off for now...


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  1. In my opinion people go to astrologers mostly when they are in a difficult position seeking remedy by way of some "pariharam" which is cleverly and conveniently dished out by the astrologer. By merely showing a thin sliver of ray you have only stirred my anxiety. I shall look forward to seeing what's in store; or should I go to one to see WHEN it is likely to appear ?