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Thursday, 18 August 2011

9 of 29 - Punarpoosam (Punarvasu)

7.                 Then what are these “Rahu & Ketu”? Are they planets?

Answer: Rahu and Ketu are the “chaya Grahas” – that is the “shadow objects” in direct meaning.  They are the node and anti-node of the moon’s revolution around the earth (people who know exact terms can help here).  They do play an important role on us just because the moon is so near!

From a physical standpoint, the revolution of moon is not on the “same” plane of the earth-Sun revolution plane.  It is at an angle.  Hence the effect changes when the moon is northward or southward with respect to earth-sun plane.  This effect is taken care of by Rahu & Ketu calculations in astrology, because the effect / pull does change a bit in direction.

Moreover, the same calculations using Rahu and Ketu are so simple & useful in calculating “eclipses”! Rahu & Ketu when they are in the specific positions then actually that means the moon is between earth & sun (solar eclipse) or earth is between sun & moon (lunar eclipse).  Because of the different plane of revolution we do not have eclipses on every full moon and every new moon day.  This variation, which also has an effect on the happenings, is included by using the Rahu & Ketu calculations!

(9 of 29 Punarpoosam / Purnarvasu)

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