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Saturday, 20 August 2011

17 of 29 - Swathi

15.                 Some astrologers are able to specify your past, but routinely give wrong predictions. How is that?

Answer:  Astrology can be used to plan for “good beginnings”, including time of marriage, time of starting a venture, time & direction of change in life, etc. 

At the same time, most people go to an astrologer when there is a problem / difficulty in their life.  They would like a “quick fix” to their problems.  This is being taken advantage of by some bad apples.  There are half-baked astrologers, who have a knack of finding your difficulty in either their sweet talking or by just reading non-verbal signs (what you dress, who you go with when meeting astrologer, your face which is the window to your mind), etc. 

They usually come up with “all-encompassing” sweeping statements like “you are now going through a rough period”!  If you fall for it, then “Astrology” cannot be blamed – it is both “half-baked astrologer” and the individual who has gone for guidance who are to be blamed! Pariharams are prescribed, certain good periods in future are prescribed, fees paid, everyone somehow is satisfied for the time-being.... Isn't it so?

(17 of 29 - Swathi)

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  1. Regarding the first aspect of diversions that can cause mistakes, well, if the first reading appears to have concerns, the astrologer should carryout the exercise two or more times but after a good pause between the readings. In tranquility and good environment is best, not to dish out "OTC" medications. Else, 'his ability and reliability" come in to question.