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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

6 of 29 - Rohini

4.                 We know “Helio centric” theory of the movement of planets is correct.  Why do we use “earth” centric calculations in Astrology?

Answer: Scientists know that “Theory of Relativity” is the best approximation (as of now).  In this model there is no “absolute” frame of reference.  Every frame of reference is equally valid & observer can be in any frame of reference.  Hence, if we are able to calculate “every position” relative to us (from earth), such calculation is as equally valid when you calculate them with respect to Sun. 

Please note that the equations will be different because frame of reference changes, but result is same.

If I say that Ram is  4 KM to North East of me, while you see Ram is 4 KM South West of yourself, then it is both valid, assuming you are 8 KM to North east of me. So, every frame of reference is good as long as the correct equations are used with correct transformations.

(6 of 29 - Rohini)

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