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Friday, 19 August 2011

13 of 29 - Pooram (Purva Palguni)

11.                 The uncertainty principle is in the order of 10-34.  That is very small.  Surely then Astrology must be able to predict better if it is considered a science.

Answer: The size of man in the universe must be then measured with respect to the size of universe itself. The Milky way galaxy is approximately 1 x 1021 metres.  Man is 2 metres (let us say).  The diameter of “observable” universe is about 8.8 x 1026 metres.  This does not take into account the “unknown”!  So, we are approaching the situation where we are like 1 “error unit” in the universe in magnitude comparison for Uncertainty principle.

So, our astrological predictions for a single individual will have errors to a certain extent – that is we cannot say whether a person will have an accident here, or there or further after!  If we can predict that, then there could be some other error (say accident by nature, or by human or by vehicle or by own carelessness).

The order of uncertainty principle seems to be quite applicable to Astrology too and affects predictions in some scenarios.
(13 of 29 - Pooram / Purva Palguni)

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